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Alaska Travel Adventures hires a team of over 200 employees each season to provide our guests with their dream Alaska experience! Captains, guides, cooks, drivers, customer service representatives, servers and photographers all work together to provide excellent guest service. We’re looking for good people to join our team. Interested? Explore our employment pages, scroll down to see available jobs, learn more, and apply today.  

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From the Team

  • Jason

    Juneau has a seemingly endless expanse of wilderness and wildlife. With easy access to the world’s largest temperate rainforest, I had the ability to hike, bike, swim and explore with the friends I made working for ATA. Juneau is the perfect size and I enjoyed the luxury of living in the states capital, including an extensive bus system while remaining walkable and even a local Costco! Spending the summer in Juneau is an experience to nurture growth, challenge perceptions and develop lifelong friendships

  • Anna

    I’m Anna, I’m a second-year employee at Alaska Travel Adventures for the 2024 season. My experience was overwhelmingly positive last year. Everyone at the company was nice, helpful, and fun to work with. My favorite perk for working for ATA was being able to do the excursions offered by the company in my off time, especially whale watching. Juneau is a beautiful city with so many shops to explore and even more trails to hike. I am excited to return in the spring to see what new adventures await!

  • Kassie

    Juneau is the perfect balance between seclusion and city. During my summer in Alaska, I enjoyed the quiet solitude of nature while simultaneously enjoying the conveniences of living in a modern city. Water activities are vast as Juneau has a river, a proglacial lake, and the Pacific Ocean to operate on. With 38 glaciers, the temperate rainforest, and an expanse of wildlife, there is always an adventure in store.

  • Varisha

    Working at ATA for the past 2 summers has been a surreal experience. Even though the routes may be the same, every day is a different adventure. There is a strong sense of community as the team that started as strangers to me ended up being like a second family. I’m grateful to be able to work in a company environment that allows me to fully experience the natural beauty of Alaska and to share my passion for nature and adventure with different people everyday.

Employment FAQs

What is the weather like?

We are in a temperate rainforest. If you plan on rain, each sunny, bluebird day is a gift!

How long is the season?

Our season runs from mid April to mid October. Many employees work from the start of the season to the end of the season.
We do offer shorter contracts for employees who cannot work the whole season. In general, three months is the shortest contract duration.

Do I need to be an experienced guide?

We provide all necessary training for our guide positions and first year guides are welcome to apply.
Leadership positions require previous experience with us, experience in similar positions, and/or certifications.

How do I get to Alaska?

Most employees arrive by airplane. All our locations are near airports. All you need to do is tell your manager what time you are arriving and they’ll organize for someone to pick you up.
If you drive to Alaska, you’ll have more flexibility during your time away from the job.

What certifications do you require?

We require all guides to have first aid and CPR training. If you are a captain or CDL driver we require job specific certifications prior to employment.

What should I plan to bring to Alaska?

Good rain gear and a positive attitude! The employee uniform consists of black pants, a red jacket, an ATA guide t-shirt, and an ATA cap. If you’ve been hired on, your manager will send you a detailed packing list.

Can I bring my car?

You’re welcome to bring your own vehicle, in which case depending on which location you’re working at, you will likely need to either book a ticket with the Alaska marine highway ferry system, or put your vehicle on the barge in Seattle and fly up to meet it. Personal vehicles are useful, but not necessary. We provide employee vehicles that are used for carpooling to and from work. However they are not for personal or recreational use, so it you’d like something to get you to hikes or the bar, a personal vehicle is useful. We have cabs as well as a public bus system.

Can I bring my pet?

Unfortunately no animals are allowed in employee housing.

Can I bring a gun?

Unfortunately, firearms are not permitted in employee housing.

Is housing provided?

Yes! We provide shared double occupancy housing for $14/day plus a $300 security deposit. This includes all utilities except wifi. Our housing is unfurnished, so plan on purchasing items once you arrive.

Am I required to stay in company housing?

No, if you would prefer to find your housing in town you are more than welcome to.

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