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This will provide you with more information about Alaska Travel Adventures, Inc. (ATA), as well as assist your application for employment with us. Founded in 1978, ATA has provided thousands of people an opportunity to experience Alaska’s natural beauty and spirit of adventure in a safe and comfortable manner. ATA operates day tours/shore excursions throughout Southeast Alaska for cruise ship passengers and independent travelers.

Available Jobs

Please read this information carefully before completing the employment application.

SEASON: All operations begin in early May and end in late September. You do not have to be available for the entire season to be considered for employment, but it is helpful. Please answer question number 7 accurately; your dates of availability are very important to our staffing plan..

TRANSPORTATION: ATA doesn’t provide transportation to or from Alaska. ATA is able to obtain discounted fares for ferry travel. ATA extends available discounts to employees. You are welcome to inquire with our reservation staff about the employee rates by calling 1-800-323-5757. For ferry reservations, call the Alaska Marine Highway System, 1-800-642-0066. It would be helpful to bring some form of transportation with you (i.e. bike or car) for getting to and from work and around town.

HOUSING: Housing in Alaska can be costly and difficult to obtain. ATA offers assistance locating housing to all employees. In the past, we have been able to obtain housing for employees for approximately $375 a month; a security deposit will be required in advance for this service. We recommend you bring bedding, kitchen items and other essentials. Plan on sharing a room with at least one other person. If you choose to seek other housing options, acquiring a place to stay well before the season starts is advisable.

FINANCES: ATA issues paychecks bi-weekly. You should arrive with enough money to survive until your first paycheck. Remember, the cost of living is high in Alaska. Compensation varies by position, the number of days you work, and your willingness to work. The average gross, pre-tax income for those available May through September is $7,000 to $10,000. Some positions have a performance bonus which employees may be eligible to receive after successfully completing the season. If you qualify for a bonus it will be based on Manager discretion and several performance factors. List your pay requirements on question 17.

QUALIFICATIONS: While a few positions require specific qualifications like CDL’s or USCG Masters Licenses, all of our positions are service oriented. If you are outgoing, enjoy entertaining and sharing the outdoors with others in a leadership role, we may have a position for you.

SKILL TESTING: Some positions require prior experience and/or may require specific skills and/or licenses. For most positions, training is available. Resources, both equipment and instruction, are available at no charge to the potential employee to obtain the necessary skills to pass the required skills test and safety evaluation. Upon successfully passing a skills test, you will be hired and receive an employment agreement. Due to this screening, better than 97% of those tested are hired.

RIVER GUIDE TRAINING: River guides must be professionally trained. Alaska’s climate and glacial silt content in the water make the Mendenhall River unique. ATA requires all river guides to have successfully completed and passed the ATA training program as a prerequisite for the position to ensure the safety of the guides and the public. ATA does not charge prospective employees for this training, as long as a commitment letter is submitted, prior to commencement of training. Trainees are not employees of ATA, therefore, will not be paid, nor eligible for workers compensation in the event of accident or injury. A waiver will be required. Training usually takes 7 – 10 days. If a trainee does not pass the skills test and elects not to continue to train, then ATA will offer the employee alternative employment in the company. Alternative employment may be at a different rate of pay or in a different location.

EMPLOYMENT AGREEMENTS: All employees will be required to sign an Employment Agreement upon hire. This agreement will specify your dates of employment, duties, wages and ATA’s responsibilities as your employer. You must remain employed with ATA until the end date listed on your Employment Agreement to be eligible to receive a performance bonus if applicable to your position. Employment Agreements also contain a specific non-compete clause, which is effective for two years after your date of termination, regardless of cause.

ATA POLICIES: All employees are expected to comply with company policies and guidelines.

UNIFORMS: Uniform and grooming standards are very important. All employees will be required to meet company dress and grooming standards. Uniforms vary depending on the position. Every employee is required to wear the proper uniform. Uniform issues will be addressed during the interview process. Since we are a service business, you will be required to wear your hair conservatively. (i.e. off the collar for males).

SCHEDULING: ATA’s season runs for approximately five months. Hours are dependent on sales, economic conditions and weather. ATA can provide historical data on the average number of hours worked, but makes no guarantees as to the number of hours an employee will work or how much money will be earned. We do make an effort to schedule time off when business permits, but our first priority is to our customers. Come prepared to work!


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